Global Fund COVID-19 Situation Report-December 09

The Global Fund is working with donors and partners to urgently mobilize an additional US$5 billion to help countries continue to fight COVID-19, mitigate the impact on HIV, TB and malaria, protect health workers and reinforce systems for health. More than US$230 million has been raised so far, and more funds are urgently needed to avoid a critical funding gap in the world’s poorest countries.

As part of the global response to COVID-19, the Global Fund is working with health leaders, partners and governments to ensure the global response to COVID-19 includes lessons learned from the fight against HIV, TB and malaria: protect human rights and address stigma and discrimination, particularly among key and vulnerable populations; fight human rights and gender barriers to health; engage communities in the response; and fairly allocate limited COVID-19 resources and new tools so that no one is left behind.

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