Uganda CCM Meetings

The Uganda CCM holds four (4) regular meetings per year to review grants and other activities relevant to the mandate of the Uganda CCM. In addition, extraordinary meetings of the Uganda CCM are convened as and when necessary at the instance of the Chairperson, or at the request of at least one third of the members of the Uganda CCM. A calendar of the regular quarterly meetings is be prepared by the secretariat and promptly circulated to all Uganda CCM members.

Uganda CCM Meetings are governed by the following guidelines:

Calender of Uganda CCM meetings
Committees meetings; Each of the Uganda CCM Committees shall meet at least once quarterly. A committee may convene more meetings where there is business that requires attention and action by the committee.

Notification of Uganda CCM meetings

The notice for the regular quarterly meetings shall be made at least 10 working days prior to the date of every Uganda CCM meeting. Emergency or special meetings may be called by the Uganda CCM Chair at shorter notices and labelled accordingly. All members should receive the meeting agenda and documents by e-mail or facsimile at least five working days before each meeting.

Agenda for Uganda CCM meetings
Uganda CCM meetings shall follow an agreed and published agenda. The Uganda CCM Secretariat shall first contact all its members one month prior to the regular quarterly meeting to solicit any matter for inclusion on the standard agenda. Except in cases of urgency, these should be received by the Uganda CCM Secretariat not later than 15 working days before date of meeting. The Uganda CCM shall decide to amend the agenda just before the commencement of the meeting.

Quorum of Uganda CCM and committees meetings

All meetings shall take place when at least simple majority (half plus one) of the members are present.

Chairing of Uganda CCM meetings

Uganda CCM meetings shall be presided over by the Chairperson or in the Chairperson’s absence by the Vice-Chairperson. If both the Chairperson and his/her Vice are not present, and a meeting has to take place, either of the two shall delegate one of the chairpersons of the Committees to chair that meeting.

Attendance and Uganda CCM members’ participation in meetings

Uganda CCM meetings shall be attended by substantive and alternate Uganda CCM members. If the substantive member is unable to attend, the designated alternate from the same constituency shall represent the constituency at the meeting. Three (3) successive absence of constituency representation in plenary meetings without apology, shall result in the UCCM recommending the sector constituency to take action.

Participation of observers in Uganda CCM meetings

The Uganda CCM may invite observers, advisors, guests or the LFA to participate in the meetings. These observers/advisors/guests shall not be eligible to vote but may be invited to contribute to the discussions as long as they abide by the rules of the CCM meetings. Whereas the Uganda CCM meetings shall be open to observers to attend, observers shall attend upon invitation or prior notification and consent of the UCCM Chair.

Mechanism of decision making in Uganda CCM meetings

Uganda CCM decisions shall be reached by consensus or by simple majority vote if discussions do not lead to an agreement. The Chairperson or any other voting member can call for a vote.

Uganda CCM voting methods

Votes shall be of two possible kinds: “simple majority” and “two-thirds majority.”

All votes shall be by simple majority except where a two-thirds majority is required. “Two-thirds” means two-thirds of all voting members present.

Voting methods shall be of two possible kinds: “informal” and “formal. All votes shall be informal unless any member presents demands that a vote be made (or repeated) as a formal vote. Formal votes require recording each member’s vote in the minutes of the meeting.

Members absent shall not vote.

A returning officer appointed by the Uganda CCM and supported by the Secretariat shall conduct the voting. If the selected Returning Officer is a voting member of the Uganda CCM, he/she shall lose the voting rights.

Minutes of meetings

The Uganda CCM Secretariat shall write the minutes of the meeting in English language following an agreed format and distribute them to Uganda CCM members within 5 working days after the meeting. Uganda CCM members shall be given one week after the minutes are distributed to express any objection to the draft minutes. If members provide no response, that shall be considered as an endorsement of the minutes. Minutes of meetings shall be accompanied by copies of relevant supporting documentations. The Secretariat shall be responsible for archiving approved minutes and supporting documents from the CCM meetings.

Codes of Conduct during proceedings of Uganda CCM meetings

Uganda CCM meetings shall be held in English language.

 Uganda CCM substantive members shall sit in the front rows of a meeting place and their alternates and other non- CCM persons sit in back rows. If the substantive member is not going to attend the meeting, the alternate shall sit in the front row.

 Uganda CCM meetings shall have an agenda and no new agenda shall be introduced during sessions.

 Diverting Uganda CCM discussions to other agendas hidden or not shall not be accepted. The Uganda CCM Chair shall discourage this Endeavour such that Uganda CCM meetings are effective.

Uganda CCM member shall present their contributions in short packages so that other members can also be given chance to speak.

 Uganda CCM members tending to dominate discussions and submissions shall be discouraged by the Chair. Domination of a meeting by a member shall be avoided.

Everyone’s opinion matters and must be respected. They shall therefore be given a chance to express their views without hindrance.

Generally only in exceptional circumstances should meetings last more than two hours.