CCM Key Documents

[toggle title=”Oversight Plan: 2012-2013″]pdfThe oversight plan brings together the necessary steps, policies and procedures to govern the CCM in carrying out its oversight function. The CCM shall follow these plans to provide oversight to proposal development, grant negotiations, implementation and reprogramming and grant closure. Download PDF[/toggle][toggle title=”Uganda- CCM Terms of Reference: May 2012″]pdfThe following Terms of Reference are subject to any changes or amendments introduced in/by the main UCCM framework document, the Governance Manual which is the main reference for the Uganda Country Coordinating Mechanism.Download PDF[/toggle][toggle title=”Conflicts of Interest Policy: May 2012″]pdfThis policy is designed to help UCCM members, employees, consultants and other parties that interact with the UCCM to identify situations that present potential conflicts of interest. It is intended to provide the UCCM with procedures to appropriately manage these conflicts in accordance with the requirements of the Global Fund and operative laws of the country. Download PDF[/toggle][toggle title=”Uganda – CCM Governance Manual: May 2012″]pdfThis manual has been revised based on the original document extracted and updated from the Long Term Institutional Arrangements for Management and Coordination of Global Health Grants in Uganda. It contains governance procedures specific for GFATM grants that the Uganda Country Coordinating Mechanism (UCCM) shall use to carry out its functions.Download PDF[/toggle]