Constituency Engagements

The Uganda CCM brings together country-level stakeholders in the fight against the three diseases drawn from multiple constituencies.Multi-stakeholder engagement is an important premise of the UCCM as it enables the work of the CCM such as CCM oversight, discussions and decision making, to be informed by the experience, technical expertise and views of the different constituencies represented on the CCM.

CCM members are required to engage their constituencies to update and inform their constituency members on the activities and decisions of the CCM and also obtain feedback e.g. opinions, recommendations, priority issues and concerns relevant to CCM’s mandate e.g. resource mobilization from the Global Fund, oversight of Global Fund grant implementation and communication about the Global Fund. In 2013, using funding provided by Global Fund under CCM Funding, seven constituencies each carried out constituency engagement activities at national and in three regions to engagement their constituencies and obtain feedback. Prior to carrying out the constituency engagement activities the CCM members received national level capacity building for carrying out effective constituency engagement and subsequently carried out capacity building of their constituencies in three regions.

The Three constituencies, namely:

  • Key Affected Populations
  • People Living with HIV/ Affected by TB
  • People Affected by Malaria,

Received further funding for building their capacity to engage in the New Funding Model processes, which include the processes of concept note development for Malaria, Health & Community Systems Strengthening, TB and Malaria that are to be submitted this year. Under the New Funding Model countries are required to carry out country dialogue during concept note development in order to involve key stakeholders and constituencies in the concept note development. The three constituencies have already carried out Constituency Engagement activities to obtain stakeholder input into the country dialogue that is to be organised.

Constituency engagement activities carried out regularly on a bi-annual basis, nationally and regionally.