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The Uganda Country Coordinating Mechanism (UCCM) is responsible for coordinating submission of fresh proposals, process requests for continued funding, selecting principal recipients as well as oversight on all GFATM grants.

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Grant Portifolio

A healthier, safer, equitable future for all

Total Allocation to Uganda for All

HIV USD 1.09 Billion
Malaria USD 861 Million
Tuberculosis USD 106.15 Million
All USD 2,052,177,024
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Allocated to Uganda for 2014-2016

HIV USD 251.71 Million
Malaria USD 145.40 Million
Tuberculosis USD 23.88 Million
All USD 420,990,516
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Allocated to Uganda 2017-2019

HIV USD 255.63 Million
Malaria USD 188.32 Million
Tuberculosis USD 21.10 Million
All USD 465,057,044
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Allocated to Uganda 2020-2022

HIV USD 289.20 Million
Malaria USD 260.02 Million
Tuberculosis USD 29.77 Million
All USD 579,001,931
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Allocated to Uganda 2023-2025

HIV USD 288.48 Million
Malaria USD 267.25 Million
Tuberculosis USD 31.39 Million
All USD 587,127,533
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Global Fund Grant Impact


People on Antiretroviral therapy


People with TB Treated


Mosquito Nets Distributed


USD Received in Grant